Dr Esma SAADA​

Oncologue médicale
et directrice de l’unité Essais de Phase Précoce CLIPP
au Centre Antoine Lacassagne, Nice

Dr. Esma SAADA-BOUZID is a medical oncologist based in Nice. After completing her medical studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Nice, France, she joined the medical oncology team at the Antoine Lacassagne Center, which is the Cancer Center for the city of Nice.

Her areas of expertise include the management of patients with head and neck cancer, sarcomas, or brain tumors. Since 2016, she has been coordinating the Molecular Tumor Board of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur East region and leading the unit dedicated to early-phase trials at the Antoine Lacassagne Center. Holding a doctoral degree in sciences (PhD in Genomics of solid tumors) and a Habilitation to Direct Research (defended on the topic of personalized medical treatments in head and neck oncology), she has been directing the Translational Research Laboratory in Oncology at the University Cote d’Azur since 2021.

She also applied for and obtained CLIP2 labeling from INCa for the CAL Early Phase Unit of the Centre Antoine Lacassagne, in collaboration with the onco-dermatology and onco-hematology units of Nice University Hospital, for the period 2024-2029.