Pr Pascale TOMASINI​

Pneumo-cancérologue et coordinatrice du
Centre d’Essais Précoces en Cancérologie de
Marseille-CLIPP APHM, Marseille

Pascale Tomasini is a Professor in Thoracic Oncology within the Multidisciplinary Oncology and Therapeutic Innovations department in Marseille, France and is also Head of the Early Phase Trials in Oncology department in Marseille.

Pr Tomasini’s research interests primarily focus on thoracic malignancies, including NSCLC, predictive biomarkers such as EGFR mutations, precision medicine, and the biology of brain metastases.

With the aim to improve patient outcomes and provide innovative care within the field of thoracic oncology, Dr Tomasini has co-authored many peer-reviewed articles and has participated in several clinical studies investigating predictive biomarkers and novel therapeutic approaches.